After a bit of promotion, I feel I’m ready to start posting more frequently! Lots of subscribers and followers but please spread the message to everyone you know and ask them if they want to become part of this project.

Catch-up: So actually, I’ve been working on this project now for the last couple of months.
It all started when an enthusiastic neighbour encouraged me to attempt the project after I showed him a video of another guy doing it in America.

A friend in the village (also my age-20yrs), who is a very keen scientist (he does all the geeky bits) quickly showed his interest and together we started putting together a little info pack on what we need to cover and equipment, law regulations, money….

2 months down the line and we feel we can start the practical work. We stuck to an aim of successfully sending a weather balloon into the stratosphere and capturing it on camera. Simple…but still so damn tricky!

We’ve got two modifications on our balloon’s payload to make this unique. Whether it works or not will be down to some testing that will come here soon.

Please ask me questions about this as I want to get as many people involved as possible. There is also a ‘Donate’ button on my website if you feel like you could help us out….
….it’s all being paid for with our hard earned beer money! 🙂

Next post will give everyone and even deeper insight into the project….maybe you would like to suggest what the next post should be on? The balloon and payload? How we’re covering airspace regulations? Why we’re crazy enough to so something like this?
All responses welcome.

Have a good day!



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