So the first unique item for the weather balloon arrived in the post the other day. I took it up in a friends hot air balloon to test it and got some fantastic results.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell you or show you just yet as….why spoil a surprise? It’ll keep you guessing as to how I’m making this weather balloon flight different.

However, I’ll happily share with you some problems we are facing. :/

As simple as it sounds to get a hot air balloon up and down with a GPS, it turns out that a required amount of coding is needed.
Coding anyone?
We basically have to compute our own GPS to do something. So i guess I just write something like ‘do what you were designed to do:gps:loop signal’.
My other friend, Ed Bishop, who’s helping on the project has kindly agreed to take on the task of configuring the GPS with a little help from a book of Amazon. Details will follow….hopefully.

In other news, progress is being made slowly and we are looking to buy the actual payload box soon. We have decided on a polystyrene box to provide good insulation along with it being a light weight.
A big thanks to a good friend of mine, Chris Bridger, who has provided with me a contact to a friend of his who has also done a project like this. Best to talk to the guys who have done it before and learn from their mistakes! 🙂

Feel free to email me, comment me or re-post me. This is your project as well guys!
Thanks to everyone for their continued support and help in spreading the message. The more people we reach, the more exciting this project will become.

Skies are clearing….launch date is nearing….


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