As you are probably aware, my main interest and also current job is in the media industry.
Where is the media then?
I hear your cyber shouts and so I’m posting to say FEAR NOT! I will be posting all sorts of videos, pics and what nots to make it more interesting for everyone to view this blog.

At this stage of the process, we are currently buying/making the equipment needed in order to continue.
Unless you want pictures of my credit card details or my letter box, then you’ll have to wait just a tad longer until we have everything.

Here is an overview of the basic equipment we need:

  1. Weather Balloon….obviously.
  2. Polystyrene Box for payload. ?
  3. Parachute for payload descent.
  4. Helium for the balloon to rise. ?
  5. String to connect the payload, parachute and balloon.
Inside the payload we’ll need:
  1. 2x camera to capture footage. ?(working on)
  2. 2?x GPS units for retrieval. ? (working on)
  3. External battery for power.
  4. Heating system to maintain a decent temperature to enable the above to run. ? (working on)
  5. SD cards to capture footage onto the camera.
  6. Accessories to finish off such as gaffer tape for securing, letter asking for payload to be returned if we don’t find it and other little things that we are likely to forget until the last minute. 🙂
At this time, we have either bought or working on the products ticked above.
We’re still heading for a launch of June/July time and in the months leading up to that, we will be testing it all and bringing you the results via video, posts and pics!
Stay tuned for that but until then, have a good day!

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