GPS Tracker– To locate the payload on launch and retrieval and provide vital statistics during the flight.
GPS Tracker donated by
This GPS Tracker was kindly provided by Trackershop-UK ( for us to use as our primary tracking device. It will track the launch until it’s out of GPS signal and then, upon it’s return, it will pick up the signal again and continue to track the descent until it’s finally landed. The GPS sends the information to online software at Trackershop-UK’s website.

Other people have used radio telemetry involving a small custom coded arduino. The advantage of this is that you can code it to do whatever you like and also, use radio waves to enable the payload to be tracked all the way up to the bursting point instead of relying on GPS signal.
The disadvantage for us however, is that we do not have the knowledge to custom build and use this device. We may look into it later on in the project or ask if anyone would like to use their pre-built one on our flight.

The Tracker is small, lightweight (58g) and designed specifically for personal use for a range of situations. It is delivered ‘ready to go’ meaning that no complicated setting up or instruction manuals are necessary.

The tracker has a long battery life of 4 to 7 days at a time! It also has a panic button, which if pressed will inform us if its location.
It comes with it’s own protective case and will be fit into the wall of the payload. It will be set to report its location every 5 seconds and this will be tracked online with Trackershop’s unique software.
One quick test has confirmed that the tracker works within the payload as I drove my car a certain route and found it tracked and saved in real-time, ready for me to analyse the results.
The software is very user friendly and provides numerous clever functions allowing me to command the tracker to do an action such as reporting at time intervals, re-booting the device, check the GPS level, check the battery level and much more.
It also displays information such as how fast the tracker is moving and gives a detailed graph of the history of the tracker.
Thanks to Trackershop-UK for providing the tracker and being so supportive with this project.

Trackershop-UK is your one-stop shop for all versions of the very best in cutting edge GPS tracking. Their product range has been carefully selected and contains only the very best GPS trackers available.

As we’re only at the beginning of the design and build process, we may encounter problems or decide to change the design based on other factors. We’ll try to keep everyone updated on the changes and will explain why we have done so.
Please leave a comment or if I have missed any vital information, let me know and I’ll edit it!

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  1. I always make sure to have with me my GPS tracker. This is not for entertainment purposes only. It will also provide you with accurate directions you need. TMSB: GPS Tracker is one great tracker to try on.

    • With the help of a magical device know as an internet ‘dongle’. Then we have portable internet using 3G networks (a bit like your mobile phone)!
      Good question though. 🙂

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