Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been around for the last week or so, as I was on holiday with the family.
However, I’m back now and fresh on the Space Balloon project!

We’ve nearly reached our funding goal!
At this time, £360 of the £500 target has been donated….PLEASE if you could spare a tenner, you will have your name travelling up to 100,000 ft into near Space.

I need you to donate now though as we’ve only 11 days left to reach the target.
If we fail to reach it, no money will be donated and therefore we will have to completely re-think the whole project or, even worse, delay it!!

As soon as the funding has finished, I will be posting allot more pictures and even videos of us testing everything out.
We have had to re-think about our unique modifications already, so it will provide a very interesting blog post….or two.

Hope everyone is well and remember, this is your project too so please leave comments, suggestions, advice or anything else!

Josh. 🙂

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  1. Is this still in effect? I would like to donate for the fund, but the link given seems not to work properly…Am I doing anything wrong or this must be so?
    the sudoku game

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