Heating Device– to maintain a temperature within the payload that allows the other devices to operate fully.

We had originally planned to make a unique heating device for the payload, however, we were unable to go forward with the idea due to time restraints. We still think it’s a viable option and are hoping to use it in future experiments.
Because of this, the unique change will now be implemented into another way of filming the event, which will be covered soon.

Mycoal Warmpacks are the ultimate in lightweight heat sources, the essential accessory for outdoor sports and activities in cold weather, providing hours of continuous warmth, anywhere, anytime. The warm packs are self-heating and therefore totally portable, as well as clean, safe, non-toxic, light and easy to use.

The warmers are activated by removing them from their protective airtight packaging to expose them to air. The blended ingredients of iron, salt and water, combined with the oxygen from the air, causes the rapid oxidisation of the iron particles. This reaction produces heat.
The heating temperature and duration are controlled by the amount of air ventilation, which passes through the many tiny holes on the inner packets.
If you would like to find out more information about these hand warmers or purchase some, then please visit: http://www.mycoal.co.uk/index.html

As we’re only at the beginning of the design and build process, we may encounter problems or decide to change the design based on other factors. We’ll try to keep everyone updated on the changes and will explain why we have done so.
Please leave a comment or if I have missed any vital information, let me know and I’ll edit it!


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