They funding has been put through and the spending has begun.
So far, we have ordered the following:

  • 1 x 800g Totex Weather Balloon
  • 1 x 36 inch Parachute
  • 1 x Roll of braided nylon string
  • 2 x Oxygen reaction hand warmers
  • 1 x Camcorder (If tests provide a decent overall picture, we may purchase another one of these)
The Helium, Launch Site and Internet Dongle have all been accounted for but cannot be purchased until a date has been secured for launch.
After the delivery of the above items, we will now have our complete basic package to launch and can go ahead and build and test the payload and balloon. This will cover only a few posts on the blog as we are keen not to over-test so as to reduce the risk of breaking the equipment before launch!
Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a quick delivery….

We are still looking to launch in August although it doesn’t feel like enough time. I think this is only because we’re ‘waiting’ for our goods to be delivered and each day that goes past, is another day of waiting and not progressing. We know what we need to do and we’re still very confident with the results we are seeing so far….we’re just too keen to go ahead and launch it! 🙂

As we’re only at the beginning of the design and build process, we may encounter problems or decide to change the design based on other factors. We’ll try to keep everyone updated on the changes and will explain why we have done so.
Please leave a comment or if I have missed any vital information, let me know and I’ll edit it!

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