What can I say? 🙂
I was more than happy with my article in the local newspaper….so after being on national and international television news, more than 32,000 hits on the video I made and over 10,000 hits on my blog to date, I really felt I had achieved something. Who wouldn’t!?

Yet this achievement has been irritated by another feeling within me. I’m fairly sure it’s the urge to get on with a new, exciting project.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed doing the interviews and lapping up the success of ‘TMSB’ but I always  combine it with this keen, almost pressured feeling to embark on my next epic project….

I’ve had plenty of people from all over the world congratulating me and offering lots of useful help and advice. It’s really encouraging as it sets me up for a variety of specific contacts, should I need to use them.

Anyway, I’ve given myself until the start of the New Year 2012 to create a new idea. I would really appreciate anyone else’s suggestions or thoughts (email me- address on the left!) whilst the thinking cap goes on.

Until then, thanks for the continuous support and watch this space!


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