For everyone looking for the original TMSB project, I’ve compiled the blog posts into it’s own page. Click here.

The success of Taylor Made Space Balloon (now in it’s own page tab up there ^) bought about the opportunity to do some talks, not only for the mainstream media, but also for local communities and organisations. This was very important to me.

Most recently a talk with the local rotary club, Haslemere (and Guildford to come) had proven very successful! Predetermined thoughts, had led me to imagine that a group of wise and erudite people would have shrugged this off as a mere attempt at worthiness but how wrong I was.
The interest and curiosity that arose from the members gave the room a buzz of enthusiasm and that certainly encouraged me to speak to my hearts content (within reason of the 30 minute time limit….).
Question upon question at the end of the presentation gave evidence for the latter sentence and a good night was had by all.
And I got free food.
Wins me over every time.

Witley Infant School next. Children of 4 to 7 years old. Certainly will be an experience I’m sure.

As for the latest project, the first meeting with a friend of mine is due next week.
Have you emailed me yet? I want to hear about that idea of yours….


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  1. Imogen and Toby (Witley school) were very impressed and told me to check out your website (they remembered the URL) – very cool. Colin.

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