I’m very happy to announce the official title of another space balloon project….

….with an aim to complete it by halfway into 2012….I proudly present:

JoshingTalk Space Art (JTSA for shorts).
Blog wise I am straying away from sharing what components I use to build the project (mainly because I’m using much of TMSB to help me out) BUT in place of this, I’m going to share more about myself *groans acceptable here* as I work through the project(s).
I’m currently clueless as to the ‘art’ side of JTSA. I can just about draw a recognisable stick man on paper but thanks to the world wide web, I can influence my learning via people in-the-know on forums, websites and well, other communicative ways.
It’s ironic however that in order to plan and research this project, I need to be able to sketch ideas.
Pass me a graphite filled cylindrical sketching implement preferably bearing a robust eraser upon the un-sharpened end and couple it with the elegantly specified ‘Tesco Value A4 White Paper 500 Sheet’ for £2.50.

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