A subject at school that contained words longer than a decent breath could deliver, chemistry has now bravely stepped up and proclaimed that he/she would like to take the lead role in this next JoshingTalk project.

‘Not a problem’ was my reply. ‘I know exactly where to go and what to do.’ said in my most knowledgeable and convincing voice.
And so I picked the phone up and rung those who could identify rhodium from sodium and left them speechless at my proposal and plea to help me out with JTSA.

ReAgent were at the receiving end of my joshing talk and by gosh, they took it well. So well in fact that they have displayed a big interest in the project and have agreed to support me in any way they can.
Now obviously before I order a chemical, I’ve got to discuss the plan of action with ReAgent’s resident chemists and look at where we could progress. Those discussions are taking place and I’m very much looking forward to receiving a tub of monopropylene glycol or another cool sounding substance through my letterbox.

In other news, over at One Pink Hairclip, they have slowed themselves down and upon looking at the situation again, are debating whether to continue or not. It’s a hard project to go with without the media getting involved and I completely respect their opinions and privacy. They have raised a superb amount of money already for the FSID and will continue to do so through other means.
For me though, I’m still giving away that chance for someone to compose a piece of music for the final Youtube video of JTSA. Tell those budding musicians you know about this, otherwise I may have to tickle the ivories myself!

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  1. Hi Joseph! Thanks for your comment.
    They could very well fit….keep in touch and check out the project as we progress and then hopefully we'll get a feel of what kinda music would fit best.
    Music tells the story as much as images….whatever the genre!

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