This week has been a busy one. Plenty of work being done….unfortunately not as much on JTSA (until Monday). There is another post coming tomorrow….with a picture as well! You lucky things.

Anyway, I’ve been doing little improvements (I think) on my blog as you can see if you look to the top right, you will find a lovely box where you can put your email address if you would like to subscribe to my posts. An email is sent to you every time a new post is put up on my blog!
It really is an opportunity you can’t miss out on. It’s ok….you can do that now. This post won’t disappear in the next 10 seconds.

So yeah, site improvements and a little bit of PR.
I did a Skype interview with Sky & Telescope ( and had a very pleasant chat about my last project, TMSB. It should be online this weekend so I’ll keep you updated as and when it appears.

I’m also offering people the chance to have their name on my next payload going into near Space. All you need to do is follow me on Twitter here and RT my latest tweets about this offer.

So a week of PR, project promotion and all other words beginning with pr….

Here’s another one of my email subscription boxes below (if you clicked on the title of this post).
How very provocative.


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