Quite unbelievably, this week has bought some incredible news all from a little tweet.
Allow me to introduce Graham of One Pink Hairclip, currently on a mission to re-create the ‘One Red Paperclip’ experiment by trading whatever he can over and over in sequence to eventually end up with a house or possibly even bigger!
The fantastic part is that the final trade (looking to be huge at this present time) will be donated to the cot death charity FSID, in memory of his daughter Jessica.
We quickly became good friends through our ambitions and projects and I was delighted when he asked if I wanted to do a trade. I threw out a lot of important sounding words on the phone to try and sound as if I had a good notion of what I was taking on. Thankfully, Graham believes in what I do….so I’m so proud to announce that:

I am trading the chance for anybody to have there brand or advert placed on my next payload heading into near Space AND I’m offering that person or band the chance to compose the music for the final Youtube video that I’ll make.
In return, I’ve hopefully bagged myself a couple of front row VIP X-Factor tickets….perfect for the girlfriend and with Valentine’s Day looming, it came at the right time!
There are some very exciting negotiations going on with *secret, sorry* and it looks like the next trade will take place very soon.

A tweet turned into a chat, chats turned into negotiations and negotiations into a trade….
Here’s a quick message from Graham at OPH for everyone:

“Space, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise…”
Growing up, these words sent me scurrying to my lounge to sit cross-legged, a little too close to the television. I’m sure that during one episode my dad said: ‘I’ll never go into space son, but perhaps one day you might, or your kids’. It was a suggestion that left me literally starry-eyed, agog as yet another never-seen-before Star Trek character got zapped by an alien.
I don’t think that spaceflight, not even voyages to near space, will ever lose that allure. That’s why I’m enormously proud to say we’ll be attempting to do just that with the sixth swapper’s (small) payload of choice, thanks to the technical knowledge of space balloon expert Josh, from Surrey. It’s taken a while to seal this fifth swap but it’s been worth it, Josh is quite a character. In return for sending something into near space, Josh will get the two front-of-house X Factor Live tickets donated by NetMums. Josh’s girlfriend loves the show so he’ll be firmly in her good books 😉

So if you’re a band interested in sending your CD into space or an individual or company eager to discuss a similar stunt please step up for the next trade! This swap can include taking part in the full experience of launch day if you wish. To discuss the opportunity of a lifetime, email OPH on onepinkhairclip@hotmail.co.uk

Stay tuned for more on this!! Coming up soon….the name reveal of my current project!


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