Originally this was to be a mid-week post for when I was having a slow day….
….due to it’s sheer awesomeness, I have promoted it to a main news blog post.

Introducing the Spyder 3 Krypton laser pointer from Wicked Lasers.
Discussions with the Wicked Lasers company, based in Shanghai, led to more project ideas ticking away and with that, they sent me this laser to play with. In one day.
How about that for a delivery time?

This laser has a power output of around 1000mW. I hadn’t a clue what that meant so a little more browsing on the product page gave me a pretty good idea.

Range: 85 miles
Illumination: 8000 x brighter than the Sun

*This is a small intermission where you have my permission to swear exclaim out loud as you take that in.*

Cool effects shoot for miles….

The kit looks, feels and smells absolutely amazing (not so much the burning smell of a piece of paper if it should happen across the beam however)!
You can tell that Wicked Lasers have a passion for laser technology when I found an added kit of spare effect lenses and a tripod designed for the laser within the package.

City suburbs to city cathedral in a flash.

There’s an indescribable pleasure you get when you grip the smooth, metallic lightsaber-esque rod and it erupts with a beam of pure green serenity.
You have to get one of these to really understand where I’m coming from.
However much of a euphemism or innuendo the last paragraph sounded, it is one of the only ways to describe it.
 I can’t wait to do a JoshingTalk project with this Wicked Laser beauty. The question is what can we do with a laser that shoots for 85 miles into the atmosphere?

On a completely unrelated topic, the International Space Station is flying over my local area soon.


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