This week I’ve been thinking. Thinking is a great pastime of mine.
I find myself day dreaming in the most obscure moments but I try and make sure to keep it a pastime.
It hurts my head otherwise.

More to the point, I’ve decided to have a ‘think’ about the aftermath of my latest project, JoshingTalk Space Art (successful or not) and where to go after that?
Co-incidentally I have just finished Sir Richard Branson’s book- Business Stripped Bare. It’s a great read and I like to think that Richard and I have a lot in common!
All opinions allowed- I like him! We do things for the greater good, we get a community involved in projects and most importantly in my opinion, we have some good-natured Joshing fun in whatever we do.
Branson is often given a challenge by the world and most often gives it his best shot setting World Records and such, so I’ve decided to give him a break from this routine and put the ball in his court for now.
I’m going to bring out the big guns, put my JoshingTalk on the line and say:

Sir Richard Branson, Challenge Me.
– Challenge me to whatever project you desire to see attempted and I will accept it and take it on.
This is the beginning of the Challenge Me campaign and I hear your shouts of ‘Snap back to reality.’.
I’m going to take the risk. What’s the harm in trying?
He’s a busy man and I need your help spreading the message and you can do that with one click:
– Tweet him linking back to this post or mentioning @JoshingTalk in the tweet-!/richardbranson
– Write a comment on his blog linking back to this post-
– Email the Virgin team at
– Tell the next person you see (other benefits of this- you could make a friend.)
Let’s see how this goes….(Don’t worry, the JTSA payload will be bearing this message too….Richard might see it from his Virgin Galactic space ship.)


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