In my continued effort to get friendly businesses involved in my project, I approached some companies regarding the use of helium for inflating the weather balloon and whether they could supply it for the project.
In return, they get promotion on my final Youtube video, media attention (hopefully!), a blog post, their brand name heading to near Space along with the highly sought after, JoshingTalk approval.
It was the very enthusiastic chaps at who were the first to offer their support and it was gratefully accepted. They have even offered to deliver and collect the gas canister afterwards!
The helium will turn up with a filling kit in a 6 foot high canister that should fit snugly* in the passenger seat of my car.
Do go and have a look at their website as they provide a lot of services for all sorts of events, whether it’s your first high altitude balloon launch or your Nan’s surprise 80th birthday party.
On the topic of sponsoring, a massive thank you goes to everyone who has helped me out by buying my ‘JoshingTalk guide to making your own space balloon’ (See top banner).
Please do so if you haven’t, as it’s a cracking read and makes a great project….and will also get me a couple more miles down the road with my gas canister on the way to the launchpad.
Alternatively, I’m also still looking for anyone who would rather sponsor an item (such as a GoPro HD, the weather balloon or next week’s winning lottery ticket).
Feel free to email me here.
* snugly= a gas canister as a passenger in a converted 4×4 on the motorway.
Nothing unusual here….

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