Things are moving again with JTSA and after a fury of emails were written and sent out, I’ve got myself a few more weeks of interesting blog posts lined up!

There’s no better way to start the posts than confirming the musical genius behind the final Youtube video that I make. Bob Holroyd of has stepped up to the task of composing the musical score and I don’t think I could be happier with this choice!

To make it unique, the rest of this blog post will be written whilst listening to tracks off his website….
….just seeing the website, the album covers and the song names are enough to confirm that this is what I had imagined before even contemplating what music to use for the final video, let alone what the project would even be about.
I chose to listen to the album previews from Afterglow, one of the latest of the continuously growing collections of just stunning music.
Now I need your interaction. Click below on the play button (turn your sound up) and continue reading the post to join me in my imagination:
PREVIEW: Half Light by Bob Holroyd
If this does not work, click here to listen on Bob’s website.

A real ambient, chilling yet comforting and engaging collection of tracks enable me to picture a lone weather balloon soaring endlessly towards the darkness of the open Space, pulling up behind it the bright whiteness of a speckless canvas.

With the clouds below and the open above, the silence and stillness is interjected by the art being created by Mother Nature.
Which way she chooses to do so is unknown until it happens. Whether it be a liquid solution falling like rain aiming to hit a target with precision or using the natural winds and motion to create a stirring picture of movement, the decision lies in her almighty hands.
Facing up to this task is huge and seemingly dramatic when you contend with the natural world, often seen as a powerful force and presence that we continue to fight against for the best of man.
Within nature however, I believe lies the humanitarian and altruistic forgiveness that wants us to coincide and use its mastery, flair and natural abilities to co-operate with man.
I believe this stems from us changing the notion of having to contend with nature, to one where we can harmonize with it instead.
Wow! I really had to kind of pull myself away from continually writing. It seems there’s something about Bob’s musical abilities that engages, grips and pulls you into a place of focus and being. You really extend the use of your creativity and literally feel your imagination running wild whilst taken on an ambient journey.
I’m very excited to take that final video along to Bob and let him create a masterful piece to go alongside the moving images.
Ah yes, I need to capture the moving images….
Fear not though, for next week I can bring you the technology that will allow for that to happen!

I highly recommend you take a look around Bob’s website and go ahead and purchase an album from here or even a few tunes from iTunes. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Hi Josh

    Great choice of music, looking forward to seeing how the launch goes and the final mission vid, it'll be interesting to see how you apply the paint to canvas, quite tricky i imagine but a great idea though, could be worth dropping the Saatchi Gallery a line.. you never know..


    Rich Curtis
    The Big Space Balloon

  2. Thanks for the comment! It's a really good fun project and a lot of people are getting behind it so I'm looking forward to the outcome. The chemist and I are working on some ideas and hopefully will settle on one soon so we can start the building and prep for the launch.
    I'm so going to get in contact! Thanks for the idea….we'll see where it goes. 🙂
    Thanks Rich!


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