Another week and another post to write up! I’m still waiting for our chemist to come back to me regarding the solutions and ideas on the project practicality. As soon as I hear back from him, we can get cracking again defining measurements, buying stock and building JTSA.
I thought in the meantime I’d write a slightly different post than usual and cover the topic of me.
I realised that apart from the small bio to the left, no one really knows much about me….
….a part of me wants to stay mysterious so if you want the Scooby Doo villain-esque profile of me, then read no more!
For the more curious (you’ll have to click the post title), here’s a bit about me:

I often get asked the question ‘What do you want to do in the future?’ and I often struggle to find an answer. I think this is a good thing.

I’m now 21 years old and made the decision not to go to University but instead to work in the world of experience and networking. At college, I studied Media and was so engrossed by the course that I made it a passion of mine and continued to broaden my knowledge on the topic. After finishing college, I popped over to America to stay with some relatives of mine for roughly two months, where I carried on working with cameras, editing suites and witnessing the real world.
It was a brilliant freedom to have and I push to use that freedom at all costs.
After staying in America, I came back home to Surrey in England and looked for work. I found some locally when a friend of mine needed help filming, editing and putting his work onto a website. I still work there to this day and enjoy what I do but often feel like wanting to progress or to drive my passion into something else.
I feel ready to expand onto something bigger and whereas some people tell me to start my own business, I feel like I’d rather work for someone or a business with a role that I can keep developing and expanding upon (and allows me to continue JoshingTalk of course!).
Ideally, in the near future, I want to be working in a good position, learning skills and implementing knowledge with a view to seeing more of the world and giving others a world to see.
And just at the chance that my future boss is reading this, please click here to email me….

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  1. Hiya!
    Thanks for your comment. It's always interesting hearing about what other people have done with their lives….did the move to USA come by choice or work?
    Thanks for reading the post. 🙂

  2. Brilliant! I really enjoyed my time in the States (Seattle) and would love to visit again soon. It would be cool to have a job that allows for travelling and experiencing different cultures and people. 🙂

    Good luck with the move back! Let me know if you're in Surrey at all!

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