DropCam Research

It’s time I unveiled the alternative name for the Challenge Me, Sir Richard Branson project. If you haven’t already gathered from the post title, then please put your hands together for:

JoshingTalk Submersible

(JTSub- for future posts)

Naming this project has been the easiest bit so far. In fact, it was a title I had thought out in one of my many daydreams that seemingly come along at the most random times. When the moment comes however, I just let it flow and apart from looking rather peculiar in physical appearance, mentally it often leads to a new insight or rumbles up a much needed source of motivation.

Like with any project, research is essential and pretty much the majority of time is taken up by it. I have consistently been abusing Google with questions and it has provided. One unusual but effective method I’ve found to help me was actually going past page 1 of Google search results.
There is a hidden world of websites sitting in the distant Google pages of 2, 3 and even 4.
Once you go past this realm however, you become exposed to some comical results. For example:

DropCam Research

Needless to say, I was slightly put off by the assumption that someone in this world has genuinely wondered if anyone looking for deep sea camera systems would like a male genitalia picture. It’s almost like the bargain buys you find in your local Tesco’s. A ‘buy one, get one free!’ if you will.

I quickly returned to the safety of page 1 in Google and have found several important looking people, some of which have links to Virgin Oceanic (share the wisdom Sir Richard!).
With the pages bookmarked in my favourites and emails delivered to inboxes in global locations, I just hope they can find the time for a quick reply.

Just a short paragraph of advice would be good. Maybe a sentence or two.
Anything but a male genitalia pic for my pleasure.


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