Before I talk about JTSA, I thought it would be good to clarify the colour coding of the posts.
As you can see, this post has a blue outline signifying that this post is related to the JTSA project. It’s just to add a cleaner layout so at a glance, you can tell which post relates to which project I’m talking about hence why I’m using a ‘Virgin red’ for the Sir Richard Branson project.

As much as I’d love to concentrate fully on Sir Richard’s project, I must remember that there are those beautiful people out there who were following me and the JTSA project before all this excitement happened.
So being true to these guys, I’m going to commit to both projects with equal focus and equal dedication. I still think we are on schedule for a launch very soon and will try to alternate between the weekly-to-twice-weekly posts!

Here’s the situation with JTSA:

– Awaiting results back from the lab at ReAgent on how to dispose of solutions onto a canvas and how to best achieve the result we’re looking for.
This is an important process and we’re getting closer and thicker (is that a clue I spot?) to finding the right ingredients to make the magic happen.
Once confirmed….

– The build begins and with the experience of the TMSB project still fresh in my mind, I feel this process will be sped up hugely. Back to basics with a camera, hand warmer, polystyrene box, a shed load of gaffer tape and a pot of luck.

– Then with the magic and luck combined, we initiate the launch of JTSA*. Another proud moment for JoshingTalk.

* For reference, I will be double-checking the flight path predictions for this launch as the Sea is very much out of bounds.
For this particular project anyway.


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