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A comment on my last blog post prompted me to write about it as it contained an extremely informative picture. A friend of mine, Mariano Semelman, left the link and I just knew I had to share it with you!
It’s really important to include visual components when planning a project and this really puts the deep, dark depths of the seaworld into perspective.
Click the picture to enlarge it:

Lakes & Oceans

So the obvious question is– how far down should I aim to get my submersible? What do you think? Leave a comment below.
The obvious (ambitious) answer for me is– over the 2000 metre mark would be nice. In order to motivate myself to get deeper though, I’m going to bring this picture back after the challenge and pinpoint the depth at which the submersible got to and if that’s anywhere near the Blue Whale or Lake Bakal, then I’m going back down.
Yes I’m gunning to go deeper but for now, 2000 meters would suit me just perfick!

That Marianas Trench is tempting though….


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  1. depends if you want to salvage the equipment; if not then tie a line to it and just keep taking pictures at regular intervals as you go deeper till it breaks and then measure the distance [particularly if someone were passing by the trench and was willing to take the thing with them for you…].

    • Yes the deeper we go, the trickier it gets to bring back the equipment. Unfortunately, I think a rope under that pressure will break….but maybe there’s some kind of buoy or float that could do the job?
      As for measuring the distance, still trying to figure that one out….

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