I believe Shakespeare once said ‘Alas, I see before me a day looming upon which one will launcheth his balloon and set upon a journey of high altwitude.’

Or maybe not….but regardless, they would be my chosen words for this post precisely. I can now see the launch in my mind, climbing through those final stages of preparation and building before the big day.
I’m so thankful for having the experience of TMSB under my belt as that allows me to build JTSA within no time and use some of the same components.
The trusty GPS from Trackershop-UK will make another brave appearance and a spare hand-warmer will move up the ranks and serve it’s function to heat the electronics.

The chemist at ReAgent (despite taking a couple of weeks of holiday) is fast approaching the ‘go ahead’ status and once we have the 4 solutions, each a different colour, we will concentrate on fixing the canvas to the payload complete with the solutions.
Then we need to decipher the weight of it all in order to buy the right size balloon.

Remember we have helium from balloon.co.uk ready to be deployed in time for the launch and a GoPro camera courtesy of 1080Sport undergoing tests to make sure it’s ready for the job at hand.

Then, it’s all about chucking it in a polystyrene box, tying it to a balloon and letting it loose.

Rocket Science. For 5 year olds.
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Have a nice weekend! 😀


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