Another actual in the flesh, face to face, let’s talk business (without formality, more creativity) meeting this week. Trident Sensors were the hosts and what superb hosts they were too! A good 3 hours was spent discussing how they can help me in my quest to dive into the Ocean depths.
A little background on Trident– they are a global satellite communications, live GPS tracking and data communications business manufacturing all sorts of clever contraptions for very important and equally clever people like the armed forces and researchers. And they design clever contraptions for the government too.

Anyway, I was greeted by Dr. Bill Simpson, along with Helen Cussen and James Simpson and we all sat down around a table to start the discussion. It quickly dawned on me that these guys at Trident had that special something I look for when communicating with people. You might know what I mean. You know when you chat to someone and within the first few lines, they’ve convinced you and spoken the words you want to hear? Combined with enthusiasm and recognition that I wasn’t nearly as half as intelligent as them, that special something lasted for 3 hours.

We first talked about the kind of camera I intend to use. The GoPro. Also to be used on my JTSA project, I chose this due to its flexibility to work to your needs in almost any situation. We fiddled with it and went through some different functions, agreeing that this camera could be perfect for the dive.
And then Bill dropped a bomb shell:
‘We’ve done a lot of work in Ocean technologies. Done some deep dives over the years and in fact, I believe we have some bits and bobs here that could come in useful.’

And the whole project changes again. For the best however as it turns out that Trident’s ‘bits and bobs’ are vital components such as a possible vessel, obviously some satellite communications and maybe a release system based around a previous concept I had drawn up a while back!
I could have cried with joy although that would have been weird and a little bit off-putting for everyone around the table.

So in collaboration with Trident Sensors, JoshingTalk Submersible has taken a huge leap and a big dive into the metaphorical Ocean of this project.

Of course, it remains that I still have a lot of work to do including the testing, the building, pushing for other free parts etc. but with Trident holding my hand, I’m confident that we can achieve the depths I’m aiming for….and maybe a little bit more….


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  1. Hi Josh,

    Very impressive progress,  their was an Article on the Beeb a couple of weeks ago about PHD student at Southampton Uni who builds his own subs, link below, could another useful contact, maybe.. 

    Also as a suggestion for a music track to go with this project, how about Status Quo’s, Down down, deeper and down.. apologies in advance…

    Rich Curtis

    • Cheers Rich! Cool looking submarine and impressive camera footage!

      And hey why not Status Quo? After all, we’re anticipating a few hours of footage from the dive. Stick it on repeat? 😀


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