A shorter blog post this week as I’m gearing up for my first person-to-person meeting for this project on Monday. A little apprehensive but it feels great to be able to sit down with someone and say:

“So….how do I do this?”

Presumably followed by a lot of nodding in agreement and/or  weeping at the colossal amount of problems to overcome. More on that next week.

What’s my method/plan of action at the moment?
I got stuck with where to start on the project a few weeks ago. Whether I design a futuristic submersible, show it to someone clever and then get turned away, heading back to the drawing board? Maybe work from the inside out- get the cameras and lights dealt with and build around it?
Well I did both.
There’s not much method or structure really in these early days. What there is a lot of though, is research. Here are some ways I approach this:

1. Google search for ‘underwater lights’—-> Search results to vague?—-> Re-Google ‘deep sea lighting’—-> Found a good looking website?—-> Get in contact with them.

2. Google for previous submersible expeditions—-> Who was involved? Do they have a webpage?—-> Read up on it—-> Daydream—-> Snap back to reality.

3. Spy on Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Oceanic website and updates.

4. Talk to friends, family, girlfriend (with good timing) and cyber friends.

All different ways to gather information in prep for the final design and I feel it’s important to vary the approach to give many different routes of progress. It works for me anyway!

Oh! Just had an exciting phone call do to with one of these:

Any guesses at what these are?


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