I did eventually make it to the weekend after a mid-week session of work on the payload. I know I said I’d try and get a mid-week post up if I remain free from the splatter of the solutions. This I did. However, I managed to rip my brand new trousers (see 35 seconds in on video).
My girlfriend almost assumed this would happen so the consequences weren’t so dire and I continued to actually make some good progress.

A lot of you have asked about how, where and what I make my projects with so I decided to film the 7 hour stint over a day and then give you the best bits in a minute or so.
In the video, you’ll see me sitting on the floor just staring at the payload waiting for it to do something, hammering a hole into a red cap using the sink as a clamp and assessing my ripped trousers amongst other workshop-esque tasks. Enjoy!

Just after this I decided to meet my girlfriend in town and thought I would test run my GPS fr0m TrackerShop. It still performs beautifully even after being in the Sea for 15 hours in TMSB. I had it tracking the route every two minutes and it reported that I went down through the high street, met the girlfriend at the shopping centre and spent maybe too much time in the ladies section of Primark.
How about that for accuracy.


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