The plan so far is to chuck a camera into a glass sphere and pray for the best when it’s dropped into the water to await its return. So I thought that whilst I work out how to do that, I could at least present to you the brave camera that will make the descent.
If you are one of those amazing people who is following both the JoshingTalk SpaceArt project and this JoshingTalk Submersible project, then you’ll know that I already have a GoPro Hero camera sponsored by 1080Sport. See here for more information:
This camera is an absolute gem due to its ease of use and variety of functions. It’s also small and has a great high definition picture to wow over. However, since this descent is due to take longer than the JTSA balloons ascent, I need to think a little harder in terms of battery life and storage capacity for the footage.

GoPro Battery BacPac: This little gizmo is effectively another couple of hours of filming. It’s a lithium battery that slots into the back of the GoPro and doubles its filming lifetime, allowing me to get that much needed extra footage.
I even tested with another external battery on top of this to see if I could get even more life out of it and it worked hence the 7 hour film, shot for use in the last post I made (See here!).
Cross referencing projects! Multi-tasking at its finest.

A 32GB SDHC Memory Card: Some things are just so easily accessible and good for money nowadays that it’s almost pointless trying to get a sponsor for this. For a good price, you can get your hands on one of these bad boys and they certainly do the job!
I got an EXTREME version of the card (which probably isn’t as cool as that sounds) but it has been manufactured very well. To put it into context, I got the rugby player of SD cards rather than the football player. It’s can take a few knocks and shocks and will continue to function, unlike many of today’s footballing pansies. If there’s anything I could use from a football player, it would be the dive function. Seems to work flawlessly….

Anyway, with stacks of space allowing around 7 hours of good footage and a few batteries to match that, I should be able to cover the trip both down and up, if the submersible were to drop and rise at say, 1 metre a second.
You do the maths….


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