Yep, the blank outline of this blog post symbolises that the content is going to be about me….
I do apologise but don’t fret, I’ll be bringing you a mid-week post about a big event! (See ‘future paragraph’ below.)
I’ll be turning 22 this coming Monday. Years of age that is and I thought it’s due time for some more insight on ‘me’, so I’m going to write another 3 paragraphs each one about a topic from either the past, present or future.
Don’t worry, it’s just a few paragraphs. Essays are available on request.

Since starting this blogging venture, one thing that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling is woolen socks meeting people. I cannot express enough how important it is to do this, not only for work, but for personal reasons. I’ve met some fascinating people but even better, I’ve met fascinating people who know fascinating people. I’ve heard of the 6 degrees of separation but sometimes I feel like hypothesising a new theory called: the ‘how the hell do you know him/her when you’re just the chimney sweep for my next door neighbour’ degrees of separation.
The moral of the story kids, is talk to everyone. You just never know who knows who….and if someone could bottle that feeling you get when you make a connection, I think I’d consume it every day.

Now all the excitement of my blog and the launch of TMSB, my first project, led me to write a little beginners guide to making your own ‘space balloon’, which I sell for a couple of quid at the bottom of each page. Hint. BUT I must publicly confess that I made a fundamental error, when piecing together the guide.
In all seriousness now, I need to apologise to John Graham-Cumming of for using an image of his without asking for permission. Yep, I made a bit of a cock up and although I was not aware of the copious amounts of copy-writing permissions and other long words, I still should have asked before using. This has been a huge learning curve and lesson for me and I’d obviously hit a nerve of an upset reader who probably approached the situation a little harshly, but nonetheless notified me of my mistake and the situation has been corrected!
Thanks to those who have taught and guided me throughout the journey so far. I leave you with a quote to ponder from James Joyce- ‘Mistakes are the portals of discovery.’

Next week, on Wednesday the 11th, I will be attending the Farnborough International Airshow and taking with me a rather large smile. I dabbled in the art of blagging and managed to grab a spare couple of tickets to go along to the Trade Day.
If you have any idea of what this involves, you’ll realise that I’m likely to be standing like a lop-sided lemon in a group of smartly dressed and polished apples.
So why am I so excited? Have a read of Sir Richard B’s post here:
With a bit of luck, I’ll be able to establish the first face to face connection with the man himself and have a little update along with some good natured banter. Maybe I’ll buy him a coffee if he’s game.
If not however, I’ll still have a cracking time pretending to understand the policies of all the business stalls, watching an impressive air display and hanging around the Virgin stall *insert school boy joke here* to try and blag a flight on Space Ship Two.
Stay tuned for a mid-week post!


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