After the recent success of my latest project, I began to think more about JoshingTalk. Joining my thoughts was Trudy Thompson of
I had met Trudy after doing a talk about my first project, Taylor Made Space Balloon, and it soon became apparent that she was a person of true prowess in a range of fields. Apart from being a widely recognised social entrepreneur, she also runs a sustainable living/working/building/anything centre based locally to me, which is a social enterprise that operates premises as hubs for sustainable business.

We sat down over lunch to chat about the direction in which JoshingTalk is going. At the moment, it’s a blog. Designed to meet your needs for an easy read.

Trudy and Blue the Dachshund surrounded by Seen2Help who work alongside us!

It’s time to merge the blog with business structure. On the face of it, it’s all the same….some 22 year old blabbering on about his projects but soon it will offer you the option to collaborate with me, sponsor me, follow me and even sell my own abilities. In a nice way.

Trudy is very kindly offering to hold my hand whilst I give JoshingTalk a run for its money. From mentoring me with the ins and outs of how a business world works and providing the space in the Bricks&Bread centre to work. Connecting me with relevant people across all areas and inspiring me to make the most of this time.

How do I repay her?

On my first working morning, I shared a lift to the centre with Trudy and her dog, Blue. The dachshund was bravely sat on my lap throughout the journey until at one point, it decided to move into the backseat.
Being the nice person I am, I assisted Blue. Being a short legged, sausage-like creature, I mis-judged his perception of height and swiftly threw him onto the backseat allowing him to perform a double tuck to half pike that wouldn’t look out of place in the Olympics.
I worked very hard that day but still don’t think I’ve been forgiven….


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