With such big anticipation at the outcome of JoshingTalk Space Art (JTSA) and a whole host of people to help with promotion, it wasn’t long before the media became interested. From the local Surrey Advertiser newspaper to the likes of the BBC, ITN, the Telegraph and even SA FM, a national South African radio station, JTSA has been racking up the views and, at the time of writing, the YouTube video has managed over a cool 3,000 plays.
The media interest is still rolling in but below you can find some clips:

BBC South Today


SAfm Radio Interview  

 Telegraph Newspaper Online Article – CLICK HERE!

Regarding the art itself, I’ve already been in touch with a company based in London who deal with the conservation of art work so I’ll be heading up there next week to get it looked at. Surely they can suggest a better way of preserving the art than its current habitat of my sock drawer.
I’ve also been talking to the Fine Arts Society and they have displayed an interest in it….how amazing would it be to exhibit the artwork to the world!?

A huge ongoing thanks to everyone who got involved in the project….let me know if you fancy beng a part of the Richard Branson challenge!


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