Ok guys, it’s about time I updated you on the plan for the Sir Richard Branson project- JoshingTalk Submersible.
Without further ado, I present it in list form with added notes detailing my thoughts and progress:

– Agree with Trident Sensors that we have the basic materials able to achieve a fine depth when launched into the Ocean.
To be honest, this part of the plan could already be ticked. I spoke to Trident on the phone this week and they are confident that we can build the basic submersible using parts here and there. We are currently waiting on calculations from the National Oceanography Centre that will explain how we can allow the submersible to float back to the surface. I strayed away from offering to help due to the word ‘calculations’.

– Look into the next issue of travel to a certain trench to allow us to launch.
Ok, read carefully- we are intending to launch this project in an ambitious location. Luckily there are several deep trenches around the world, which would be ideal for doing so. Over the next couple of months, I will be making and broadcasting a small video to a certain person asking if they would like to get involved further in the project. So in exchange for travel, I’ll stick their logo in big writing on the project.
Any guesses who this could be? Watch this space! 

– Once location and travel is dealt with, the physical build will begin.
I’ll practically be in hibernation, popping my head out once in a while to show you pictures and snippets of the project build. I’m hoping to also define every aspect of the project including the materials, what they are and what function they will serve.

– Locate other people, organisations and businesses who can help me.
You don’t know it yet, but that is actually you! Whether it’s a small tweet promoting the project or a giant helping hand providing a product to incorporate into the submersible.

– Finish the build, arrange the travel and get this launch underway!
It’s crunch time….literally! As soon as we are ready, we’ll head to our location, chuck the submersible in and let Mother Nature do the rest, pressure and all.

– Expected project completion: early 2013.
I really don’t do project timing. It will take as short or as long as it will take but ideally it will be something to look forward to next year. Hey- it might be a wait but it’s a big project for me and everyone involved. If we can get it right, we’ll be making history whilst discovering a new frontier.



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    • Good question! In fact, there are probably many undiscovered trenches so would be great to find one. All will be revealed in the next video pitch I make….hopefully coming next month.

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