As the end of September swings around and the first advent calendars are (already) stocking the shelves in the shops, time needs to be put into perspective and I’m glad to be working 3 days a week on JoshingTalk, rather than the 1 I was so used to.

I was nattering away on Twitter whilst my mentor, Trudy from Bricks and Bread (see this post) was actually promoting a service of mine, public speaking, from her side of Twitter. It amazed me when just a few minutes later, we had a tweet straight from the people at Youth Enterprise Live saying they would be interested in hearing me talk! A few emails later and I’m happy to write out the below invitation to you.
Consider it an early (very early) Christmas present.

Please accept this personal invitation to come and see Josh Taylor of JoshingTalk, speaking live at the Youth Enterprise Show.
It’s FREE!

The seminar will be at 12.30 pm on Saturday 13th October in Earls Court, London
The title of the talk will be: ‘How To Win Friends And Influence People Without Money’

For more information on the talk please click here.

Please book your free ticket via this link:

I’ll also be dishing out some nice freebies….got to be a good reason to come along!

Look forward to seeing you there! Make sure you come and have a chat afterwards and let me know if you have any questions here. 🙂


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