No, not the kind that involves a gun but rather a camera and a script designed to make a proposal to a certain someone. It’s a lot of effort but it’s an important part of the JoshingTalk Submersible project as it will, hopefully, sort out the issues of travelling to the Ocean trench.

I plan for it to be just a couple of minutes long with the intent of getting the message across clearly whilst remaining interesting.

The filming date will be: Monday 15th October *

The release date will be: Wednesday 17th October

If there’s anything else you should know, it’s that there will be a rocket involved.
In the meantime, have you heard that you can come and see me speak at Earls Court in London? It’s free and should be a good day. See here for more info.


* If I could, I’d do it tomorrow but unfortunately, I also have to 1. work a another job, 2. earn some money, 3. spend ‘quality time’ with the girlfriend watching X Factor.
It’s frustrating, especially when there’s a high profile figure observing the progress but I also realise that it’s key to make sure we do as much as possible to make the project a success. If that takes a little more time, then so be it.
Anyway, who says impatience isn’t a good thing sometimes?



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