A vote so close in decision, it’d be harder for the X Factor producers public to top! Just 2 votes between the Mariana Trench and the Puerto Rico Trench but you have chosen and what a wise decision it was.

The location for the submersible mission will take place around 76 miles North of Puerto Rico and be looking to swim it’s way down to 27, 493 feet (8,380 metres) whilst capturing the whole journey on camera. It’s a trench that has barely been touched upon in terms of exploration, which makes for my top reason for doing the project here!
It would be interesting to know your reasons for choosing the Puerto Rico Trench, I believe one of which, is due to it being so close to Mr. Branson’s island….what a sight for him to see me rowing across the Ocean!
Ah yes, transport.

Obviously, a plane will be the choice of transport to Puerto Rico itself but from then on, it’s a matter of sailing the seas. Thankfully, the point of Milwaukee Deep is only a day’s sail away….which also means I don’t need a bloody huge ship to take me there. Quite often there are fishing boats out on the Trench as there is a reputation of fishing for Marlin, hence it’s name ‘Blue Marlin Alley’.

Now the actual submersible (no bigger than a football) will take a few hours down and up and literally, only needs to be chucked off the side of the boat. It’s runs nicely with the theme of my projects; making sure I adhere to the aim that I use simple technology to achieve epic results.

This begs the question when is the launch?
I’m looking to launch in the first half of 2013. Trident Sensors and I have the equipment for the submersible (posts coming soon!) and we now are ready to build and test it.
In the run up to Christmas, I’m trying to sort out the transport. I’m going down every route possible such as emailing Puerto Rican fishing companies, talking to those lucky enough to have a yacht on site, Skype chats with influential people in business, forums, phone calls, networks. What else?
Oh, this blog.
If this phrase sounds like the thoughts running through your head- ‘Yes, I have the solution for your transport needs and I want to get involved.’, then your next step is to email me.

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