Still not even a peep from Sir Richard….I have a feeling this is all part of the challenge….
Determined not to be put off, I’m getting straight into Plan B. This requires actively finding those who are willing to collaborate and provide the transport to the Ocean Trench. This is now a chance for any other business to step up and take Branson on!
It could be your business in front of the world instead? Tell your mate who owns that commerical transport company to get involved.

Still, I’ve got to figure out which Ocean Trench to explore first. Well I haven’t….YOU have! The power is in your hands.
Below is a poll to collect your votes and over the next 2 weeks, you have the chance to influence the final decision. Vote now!

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Which Ocean Trench should I explore with the JoshingTalk Sub?

  • Puerto Rico Trench - near Necker Island, deepest Atlantic trench (47%, 23 Votes)

  • Mariana Trench - deepest trench in the world (43%, 21 Votes)

  • Tonga Trench - second deepest trench in the world (10%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 49

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