Regardless of whether you love it or pretend to hate it, Christmas is a time for everyone to pick themselves up and carry yourself away from the daily routine. This allows us to revitalise and put the other pleasures of life into the structure of each day before firing up again for the New Year and putting exciting plans into place.
On the continuous job of filtering out emails, I came across an activity report from Google, which shows my statistics from the last month of using my Google account. These stats range from who you’ve emailed the most to how many new applications you’ve added….but then I came across a very unusual statistic in my ‘Account Sign In Locations’….

Google Account Stats

Hmm. So apparently, I’ve signed in from the British Virgin Islands (group of islands next to Puerto Rico including Necker Island)!
I can remove the idea of teleportation due to the lack of palm trees and sea of rain from my bedroom window and I can also tell you that this so called account sign in hasn’t once bothered to help organise my emails.
Regardless, there is a slight suspicion and I think a little investigation needs to take place. Maybe someone is keeping an eye on the project progress after all?

Well whoever it is, merry Christmas to them and to all of the readers of my blog. Thank you for your continued support and interest and I’ll be posting more after the New Year for you to follow and partake in. Bring it on!


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