With the work notice handed in, I have been focusing my concentration on a schedule for the JoshingTalk Submersible project and have planned to launch the submersible in March 2013. I now literally have to write a list describing what I need, where I am and when I need it to make the project happen in March.

So I’m going to do that:

What do I need to make the JoshingTalk Submersible project happen in March 2013?

  1. The submersible is nearly complete and is currently being built but the last two things I need to source are a camera and lighting:
    – The camera needs to be capable of filming for 4 – 6 hours, small enough to fit in your hand and have a decent quality output in footage.
    – The lighting needs to be pressure rated up to around 9,000 metres and provide decent illumination underwater. LED’s could be the best bet!?
  2. Travel to the trench needs to be sorted including a return flight via plane to Puerto Rico for up to 4 people and a boat chartered for one day.
  3. Accommodation for up to one week in Puerto Rico needs to be sorted for up to 4 people to allow for extra time in case of bad weather affecting play.
Where am I with the above points?
  1. I have sourced a camera from 1080 Sport, which is due to come through the post next week. It’s a competitor of the GoPro and, although I did mention that I would use a GoPro, I thought it would be great for an upcoming challenger to try its talent in the spotlight. They’ll be a blog post coming on this….should it prove to be the right candidate!
    The lighting however is a continued search. There are two options of either gaining sponsorship from the appropriate business who specialize in deep sea lighting or making them from scratch using tools available to the public. Both have their advantages and dis-advantages- sponsorship will make it easier as the product is all ready to go but often these are expensive items and it really needs the right attitude from the business to lend them out….making the lights from scratch means not having to source expensive items but also, finding the right way to make it and finding the time and testing to make sure it works is a slight setback.
  2. As for plane flights, I’m yet to find a confirmed sponsor although I’ve had a few interesting Skype sessions that could potentially lead to a few air miles being accounted for. I don’t mind if it’s just for the flight out there….no honestly, I don’t mind….I’m sure I can cope with the sun of Puerto Rico for a while until I make the money to fly back.
    I’ve sent a few emails out to fishing boats that are based along the coast of Puerto Rico and have had a response from a captain who’s already been helping others out with similar projects as mine. He seems really keen and eager to help me out….even had a lovely phone call to him just the other day discussing what kinda meal would go down well on the boat! Still, other interest continues to show up and at this point, there are a few options to explore….
  3. Accommodation could be a part of the transport package but it all needs to be accounted for. I have decided on spending a week out in Puerto Rico. This allows for more time, should the weather be a little rough or the submersible needs more last minute prep!

When do I need to make the above points happen?

Everything as soon as possible really (well, obviously)! It would certainly make my Christmas to have at least 2 of the above points sorted and ready.
I’d like to confirm, or at least find an option, for travel and accommodation by the end of this year and have the submersible built and ready for testing by the end of January/February.
Testing will be the next stage of the project and then it will be closely approaching the time to embark on the over 8,000 mile round trip, stop halfway and try and reach over 8,000 metres of depth in our underwater world.


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