Bringing in the year of 2013 felt great (aside from the morning hangover) and I was even more pleased to see how many others, young and old, have been inspired to make 2013 a big year!
One person of which was Sir Richard (young of course 😉 ) with a rather short but interesting blog post on his ambition for 2013. See here:

Here’s a snippet for those too lazy to click the link above:RBblogpost

What I find interesting is the lack of mentioning Virgin Oceanic (his own submarine mission) and the fact that the destination is indeed, the same destination as mine- the Puerto Rico Trench (instead of the Mariana Trench)….there is quite literally something  fishy going on here!

In My Diary This Week

– Received email from 1080 Sport saying camera is ready to be dispatched.
– Set up meeting with Bowtech Products to discuss lighting for the submersible.
– Talk to Scott of My Social Cloud regarding any movement on potentially find a boat.
– Research and communicate with travel companies willing to sponsor the flights out to Puerto Rico.


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