It suddenly occurred to me what this whole project is about.
A load of rubbish.

Whilst there are some stunning islands around the world, there’s a few which we rarely hear about despite one being roughly the size of the U.S.A, if not bigger.
I’m talking about the rubbish that floats around in our Oceans like the giant pile of plastic, chemical sludge that it is.
Of course you haven’t seen it….it’s a bit of an embarrassing talking point. We’re all guilty of it.

You’ve probably eaten it though. As the plastic breaks down into smaller pieces, it starts to travel along our food chain through jellyfish (soon to be called plasticfish) and then to larger fish and so on, until it arrives as part of your shrimp cocktail or fish pie. Mmmm toxicity goodness!
Consider those fish lucky though….the majority will end up drowned, suffocated or ironically starved to death on a full body of indigestible plastic debris.

The dangers and consequences of continued neglect of these rubbish heaps in all the Oceans of the world are obvious. Species will become extinct, pollution will soar to incredible levels and nature will have it’s way of punishing us for it.

Therefore, I’ve decided that this JoshingTalk Submersible project is not only for the good of inspiring other young creative souls out there, but also, to create awareness of our Ocean islands of pollution.
I’m currently planning a way in which I can use this project to motivate people to take action on this issue.

Watch this space.


The five subtropical gyres, regions of convergence, products of the ocean currents and winds, where the rubbish islands can be found. (

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  1. This is a great idea Josh many Pacific Islands are getting trashed with trash, also could be worth getting in touch with the Sealife centre group, could be a nice way to test out the sub and a photo opp too for the project.

    • Thanks Rich! I shall do some research and see where that takes me. The sub is soooo nearly there….just the lighting to go!! Fingers crossed for a quick reply from the engineers.

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