BowtechWithin minutes of sinking, the JoshingTalk Submersible will fade away from the rays of the Sun that penetrate the Ocean and find itself surrounded by a pitch black. Hours of it.

This is a factor I needed to combat and so I called upon the market leaders in underwater harsh environment vision systems. Bowtech Products Limited.

It started as a chat in a nearby service station cafe and a plan was formulated under the bright lights of the 24/7 influx of cars and people. Now there’s a stark contrast and irony in the planning of producing some lights to accompany the secluded submersible as it falls to around 8,300 metres.

The lighting itself will be of low power consumption LED’s to enable it to hold it’s glare for up to 6-7 hours and be pressurised down to a good 9,000 metres. It will be positioned to provide maximum illumination for the camera to be able to pick up movement or signs of life within a couple of square metres, if we’re lucky enough to capture this.

As both Trident Sensors and Bowtech work together to finalise the details and build of the submersible, I find myself constantly working to uncover the angel of logistics who is willing to sponsor the culmination of the JoshingTalk Submersible project.


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