The week before last, I wrote a post about how I was searching for the lemons of the project-the key movements I needed to get the project rolling at a quicker pace. Almost by coincidence, within a few hours on Friday I had a couple of phone calls that took the project to another level.

I can confirm that we have another business on board to design and manufacture the lighting needed for the submersible. A blog post will follow to announce it officially but this means we now have all the ingredients to complete the submersible mixture.
The lighting is of just enough power to illuminate a few square metres of space and will be pressure rated to well beyond the 9,000 metres that we require (is this a reference to a future project in the Mariana Trench?).

I have previously talked about the camera on the blog- see here. Thanks to a donation I have been able to buy the memory card with a big enough capacity to hold a good 5 to 6 hours of footage. I need to do a couple of tests to see whether I can alter the batteries to power the camera for this length of time but other than that, we’re rocking. I plan to produce a small video of the finished submersible when it’s built so that I can use it as an incentive for people to help me out with the final logistics of the project.



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