A few blogs posts back I wrote about how I was leaving my job in order to put more time and effort into JoshingTalk and Change to Save (a joint business with Trudy of Bricks and Bread).

A few blog posts forward and now I’m just one week away from a whole new direction in my life. The biggest change I’m sure, will be that of timings and structure in my work life. How can I define ‘work’ anymore when it’s something I enjoy?

In order to prepare myself for this, I’ve been tinkering away on this site over the last couple of months. Boosting my SEO configuration, adding networking buttons so you can follow me on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. The latter of which has got a shiny new page full of content including photos from the last couple of projects. And so on.
Basically, trying to expose and define myself a bit more online.

All these preparations have laid the foundations for me to stand upon and shout a bit louder to those people who can help me out with my projects. It will also allow the site to go in different directions such as reviews, sharing of other news and blog posts on different subjects. It would be interesting to hear from my readers what they would like to read more about?

The JoshingTalk Submersible project hasn’t gained the momentum that I thought it would at the start of this year. Don’t get me wrong, there have been several key movements but still it’s all settling out before any firm agreements are in place. Frustrating but like any project, there are going to be times of slower progress.

A good friend of mine puts it like this:
‘It is a bit like playing a fruit machine, you need all three lemons in a line to get a result!’ 

Puts a nice twist on the old saying- when life gives you lemons, go ahead and explore the deepest trench in the Atlantic ocean.


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