In my quest to meet more and more people, I made a connection (once again) through Twitter with a chap named Dave Cornthwaite. Dave is an enthusiastic and passionate adventurer who immediately inspired me when I saw what he has been up to and also, what his plans were for the future!
I remember the day when as a kid I swam one width of my local swimming pool, roughly 15 metres and was proud to have a certificate confirming my achievement. This begs the question, what kind of certificate do you get for swimming 1,001 miles down the Missouri River? Only Dave knows the answer as he did exactly this back in August last year.

I probably picked the best time to manage a chat over Skype with him as he is currently prepping for his next challenge and it won’t be long before he’s attempting to cycle 3,000 miles around Western Europe on an EliptiGo….

Say Yes More

As we talked, we both realised that we have a lot in common, not only with our ground breaking projects but also, the ethics and philosophy of what we do. It seems we both are out there, doing stuff as any other person could with concrete proof that it can be done if you just say yes and do it.
Dave founded Say Yes More with the intent of making this happen and I couldn’t say no (pun intended) when he asked me to be an ambassador for the scheme! In true Dave style, he very swiftly sent a couple of t-shirts and a cap through the post and within a day or so I had them in my hands proving that, when it comes to getting things done and just doing it, it’s sometimes as simple as getting something through the post. No mean feat in this country….

I’ll wear my passion with pride through the Say Yes More apparel and look forward to joining Dave with future projects around the planet as we both fight for the human right of daring to dream and then doing it. Yes.

Say Yes More


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  1. Great post Josh… and saying YES is one of my favourite things to do. Saying yes (even if you think you’re a bit crazy to do so) usually ends up somewhere really exciting that you wouldn’t have otherwise dreamed possible!
    I’m looking forward to going and reading about Dave’s ‘Say Yes More’ site, thanks for sharing 🙂

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