EDIT: The Google Hangout is now open to any young entrepreneurs that want to network or chat with others in similar situations. Just tweet me for an invite or send an email!

As it goes, being self-employed and working from home can make it hard to socialize. What’s more, it’s even trickier meeting people on similar entrepreneurial ventures!
One thing I’ve found, for young people especially, is that in times of starting your own business and maintaining the determination and confidence to keep going, you could do with a little pat on the back from a friend or find someone who can relate to the situation you might be in. In fact, often knocking ideas around between each other leads to new business pursuits or project ideas….

I discussed this with my mentor Trudy Thompson and through doing so, I’ll be working alongside her to make networking for young people EASY.
What’s more, Trudy is very kindly giving up her time to offer business support sessions free to anyone who joins me in this new initiative.
So we’ve teamed up to bring you a package that contains the ingredients for a recipe of business success:

Every week, I’ll be hosting a Google Hangout for young entrepreneurs to come and discuss their weekly events, their ups and downs, see where we can help each other and be in the know that we can count on having the support.
In order to get an invite and join in, all you need is to be 18-30 years old in the UK and to book a completely free business advice session with Trudy on a weekday evening. Trudy is an experienced entrepreneur who can share her experience, point you in the direction of a possible solution or put you in touch with someone in her network of business contacts.

Now click here:

We started doing this last week and so far, every person who has spent half an hour on the phone with Trudy has gone away from the session inspired and motivated. As well as this, the Google Hangout with me is a way of keeping the momentum going and talking to others of the same age in the same situation!
Bricks and Bread is also an official delivery partner for the Start Up Loans scheme, meaning young people can get up to £10,000 to kickstart their business and on-going support and mentoring.

There’s only 10 spaces available each week in the Hangout….see you there!


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