Tuesday this week took Trident Sensors and I down to the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton for the Ocean Business Show, which was fantastic. We networked, Trident met with friends old and new and I did a lot of head nodding when it came to talking about the high-tech equipment they are pioneering for the future of marine business.

Interestingly though, there were a lot of people intrigued by what I was doing. Despite going in their with my ‘two fingers up’ attitude to being able to do stuff only if you have qualifications and a 130+ IQ level, they were very accepting and agreeable on my approach to the submersible project!

I finally met with RS Aqua who are the lovely guys donating the actual submersible that will make the journey to over 8,500 meters down. This smooth glass sphere of around 7 inches in diameter will withstand pressures of such immensity and experience the wrath of the ocean giants (and dwarfs) that will come its way.
Thanks guys- by giving me a contraption that resists pressure, you have also given me a reason to take the pressure off of myself! 🙂



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