Last week, I had an email from the people at Papernomad asking if I’d like to try out one of their products. I said yes and passed on my shipping address and by the time I had hit reply- I had a brand new Papernomad designed for my MacBook already in my hands. Well not quite that fast but the shipping was super sonic!

‘Papernomad are a group of designers, marketing professionals and artists with a passion to question existing systems and design sustainable solutions with respect to social and environmental issues. They design and manufacture bags for mobile electronic devices – created to meet the needs of modern nomads: Identity, Sustainability, Sanity.’

So finally, something for the creative doers out there who just have that urge to doodle on every surface available. When an idea strikes, you need to get it down somewhere and if like me, you carry your laptop everywhere, then a Papernomad is perfect for this. However, I decided I wanted to capture the stories of not just myself, but other people who cross my path. So for the last week, I’ve been passing the Papernomad around and getting fellow friends to leave their mark.

Designed with the English weather in mind, the Papernomad is waterproof and very durable giving the rain no chance of washing away your latest scribble. It’s simple but well thought through and I can’t wait to see how it looks a few weeks, months or even 10 years from now….if it’s still around! It’s biodegradable- yet another important and impressive feature.



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