Time moves at the same pace for everyone….apart from this week, I swear it decided to speed up a few hours….probably whilst I was sleeping. Anyway, the life of a social entrepreneur means you work around the clock and it seems I’m currently on a 7 day power working, people fuelled stint. So in a military manner:

This week I have-

  • Taken the JoshingTalk Space Art to be framed (all in good time!) at Fringe Arts. Lyn is a lovely, enthusiastic person with a multitude of experience in art framing and has taught students from all around the world! I can’t wait to show you the finished product.
  • Got myself a speaking agent! I’m now represented by Room 54, a top London talent agency with a fantastic all round selection of celebrities, young entrepreneurs, Olympians, adventurers and whichever category I fit into….
    Yay! More chances to share my work with others!
  • Got tickets to the Ocean Business show at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton for next Tuesday. I’ll be going along with the team from Trident Sensors and getting hands-on with some top ocean technology and making links wherever possible!
  • Made a conscious effort to connect with at least 10 new people this week….and succeeded! Some of them show passion for collaboration, others were simply small talk on Twitter. All of them are potentially helpful in some way or another and all of them now know about me. How long before something comes up that prompts them or I to think about our new born connection we made and make something powerful grow from it?

Tie all of these points in with a constant flow of emails and phone calls and you’re beginning to understand what kind of structure (if any) I seem to have in my week.
Ahhhh here’s to the weekend being on a Monday and Tuesday!! Yeah. Likely.


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