To make up for missing last weeks blog post, I bring you an exclusive video (cut from the documentary we are making) revealing, for the first time ever, the JoshingTalk Submersible. Included is an insight into how Trident Sensors and I have formed a beautiful collaboration in order to share our innovative ideas and create a little submersible with a huge ambition….

The build is well underway and we are preparing to make history at 8,500 metres below sea level. Who’s excited!?


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  1. Hi Josh

    Looking very impressive, any luck with the Sealife Centre group sponsoring your trip, the Merlin entertainment are a huge company, lots of sealife staff listed on Linkedin

    i.e Paul Hale is Curator at Sea Life London Aquarium, etc google sealife centre linkedin..

    If you have no joy phoning or emailing i would just have a day out their & ask to see the manager etc & explain you project, show them the vid & leave your contact details if thier out, i reckon they’ll love it..

    best of luck

    Rich Curtis

    • Hi Rich,

      Thanks so much for this suggestion! I’m going to work on this by the end of the week and see if I get anywhere with them! Might need to head into London as you suggest. 🙂

      I’m sure it’s not long now before someone will get on board!



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