• Thanks to all the donations coming in to help fund the submersible project! I’ve been down the beach again and picked up 4 bags of plastic (evidence below) of which I have recycled. Donate here- http://joshingtalk.com/sponsor-the-joshingtalk-submersible-project 
  • The fantastic team at RS Aqua have written a press release featuring my project!! Take a couple of minutes to check it out here: http://www.rsaqua.co.uk/news_article.php?a=148 
  • We have one more part of the submersible to build (the release mechanism) and then we’re ready to set the dates and go!
  • On a personal note, I am still coping with running 3 separate ventures and am extremely excited about the things happening with both Bricks and Bread and YEhangout. I’ve even started a little work on the next project….any guesses as to what it’s going to be?



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