No it’s not the title of my first book. How cliche would that be!? It’s merely a step back to look at the larger picture before I dive straight back into the deep depths of JoshingTalk and the Submersible project. I’ve shaped this to be the most ambitious, mind blowing project yet. Let’s review:

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at ‘the journey so far’ ever since Mr. Branson delivered his article challenging me to see how far under the Ocean I can explore. I got off to a fantastic start by teaming up with Trident Sensors who are building the submersible with me (we only have to finish the release mechanism and then we’re there!). The relationship between the people behind Trident and I is fantastic and we have become great friends because of it. Not to mention I have learnt a serious amount in the way that the technology works and been to places that are rarely visited unless you have the authority to do so!

On the subject of learning, I also spoke to Sir Anthony Laughton who gave me an incredible insight into the way the oceans work (he was also one of the first people in history to send a camera underwater!). Spending just an hour with him connected everything I learnt during my years of school education in Science. It was like solving an equation with the answer ‘Ohhhh, that’s how it works!’.

The people, the talks and the emotions that this project has thrown at me have built an absolute roller coaster of a ride. I’ve learnt about the environment and how we’re treating it like a sewage, hoping Mother Nature can deal with it. I’ve learnt about technology and how it needs to be utilised for good rather than perfected for beauty. I’ve recently been watching these documentaries, which lift the veil on the government/corporate controlling/banks to reveal the truth and wow – what an eye-opener. I definitely want to take my JoshingTalk projects along this road to see how I can help sort the world out a bit. It’s possible.

I’ve just learnt. And that’s why I kind of hope that the submersible project continues just a little longer….so that I can carry on learning. There’s a little bit of frustration to get out there, sink it, retrieve it and get it done but hey, time is to be worked with, not forced. And whilst things are positive and moving (however slow or fast), things are ok. We’re nearly there.

Behind all the learning, comes people from around the world who have given me their time to share their knowledge. If we all take a little time to share something we’ve learnt with someone else, the world would be a brighter place. That’s how true learning and education works.
I have a list that would go on forever (mainly because I enjoy connecting with so many people) but most notably, a few people who have persistently put up with me as I follow my passion including Trudy Thompson, my business mentor whom I’m now working alongside with to provide business support to others. Trudy also shares a belief that we should do what we enjoy and use entrepreneurial skills to sustain it as a passion – we have an extremely exciting business taking off that will allow me to continue JoshingTalk whilst simultaneously working with Trudy to continue supporting others who want to make a change in their life!

I have made friends in America, Africa, Australia and China and continue to do so everyday around the world. In fact last night, I did this radio interview for you Americans –  The biggest thanks goes to those who support me and follow my blog.

Today, there is a local airshow taking place and as I write this blog post, the Red Arrows are roaring over my house. The last time I saw the Arrows was at Farnborough International Airshow in attendance with Sir Richard Branson.

What is Richard doing today? And does he know just what to expect when I launch the JoshingTalk Submersible into the deepest trench in the Atlantic Ocean?

All in good time my friend. All in good time.


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