I love getting letters! Such an intimate form of communication in this day and age, that you know it was written with meaning whatever it may be about!

This week I had a letter from the rotary club of Godalming whom I did a talk for a few months back and shared some lovely food with (yes – food is always a highlight for me!). They informed me that they had had numerous discussions about my work since I had been in to talk to them and they wanted to help out and make the submersible project a success. It made my day when I found the cheque enclosed with the letter and I’m now closer than ever to making the project happen. (I’m just waiting on the build of the submersible now – then we can book it up and go!)

I fully intend to keep the Godalming rotary club up to date with the project progress and can’t wait to go back and share future news with them! As Vivien (one of the Rotary members who originally asked me to do the talk) wrote in the letter, ‘good fortune with the launch of the submersible (or is it “the drop”?)’.

Very good! I hadn’t thought of that! I suppose it’s very much a ‘drop’ albeit a purposeful one. 🙂

Thanks once again for becoming part of the JoshingTalk Submersible project. I’ll ‘drop’ in soon with more news.


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